Dominicans love a good party and nowhere in the Dominican Republic are there more nightlife options than in Santo Domingo. This is the largest city in the Caribbean with four million people, is one of the most vibrant cities for nightlife in Latin America. In Santo Domingo, you will find hundreds of bars, lounges, dance clubs, casinos, nightclubs, discos, hot clubs and tons of beautiful people! Santo Domingo Nightlife is very exciting!


If you are interested in a more "Typical" Santo Domingo nightlife experience, early in the evening, before hitting the clubs, have a beer at colmados and liquor stores which are also extremely popular with locals. Colmados are basically mini-markets that double as night spots with alcohol and music. Liquor stores in Santo Domingo are a bit different than what you may be used to back home. Here, patrons buy their liquor, cups and ice all in the store and gather to drink in the street outside while playing loud music from their cars. There are big and popular colmados and liquor stores on calle Venezuela or Venezuela Street, on Churchill and Lincoln avenues Downtown and in the Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo.


Santo Domingo Nightlife has something for everyone and every taste. You will find dozens of bars, clubs, lounges, night clubs and many hot clubs, and casinos. Choose from sophisticated places with the latest dance music to spots playing Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton and Dembow. The fun & the action are guaranteed to lure you into Santo Domingo bars and clubs after dark to experience the Vibrant Santo Domingo Nightlife.


Most of Santo Domingo nightlife entertainment is concentrated in three areas: downtown, next to the Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo, including the ocean boardwalk "Malecon" and Venezuela Street. In the trendy and happening places of these areas, you will meet dozens of friendly locals, beautiful Latinas and attractive people who are looking to mix with foreign guys just like you in search of a boyfriend/girlfriend or just some fun.            


Party All Night if you know where to find the best nightlife in Santo Domingo! Most clubs open until noon or 1.00 AM during the week and until 3.00 AM on weekends. However, some clubs have extended hours, till 5.00 AM, one night during the week. Few clubs located in hotels have a special tourist license and are open daily till 6.00 AM. Party Santo keeps an updated list of operating hours for all these clubs. With us, you will not waste your time driving from one place to another that is either closed or about to close! Visit all the best spots and have FUN during our exciting Santo Domingo Nightlife Tour. 

Santo Domingo Nightlife

 Santo Domingo Nightlife

 Santo Domingo Night Life

Santo Domingo Nightlife: Trendy Clubs Downtown


Downtown is mostly frequented by the upper middle and high-end Dominican classes. Most places can be very snobby and the exclusively white patrons there can be downright arrogant. They come as groups and most will not mix with tourists. Now do not worry about it since the most beautiful people (mixed races ones) are not here, the drinks are more expensive and there is not much fun. This is Santo Domingo nightlife mostly for the daughters and sons of local wealthy people.


However, there are a few spots where you will have a good time and where I go often. They have a great mix of people and you will find the latest dance tunes and friendly and fashionable girls! Our Santo Domingo Nightlife Tour will take you to all these places.


The number one lounge in the Santo Domingo for the best nightlife early on is right here. This place is always busy and really rocks. There a semi open terrace with great views and the atmosphere is between a bar and a club. The crowd is a mix of tourits, foreign residents, locals, people of all ages and lots of very attractive persons. This is your best bet to start the night if you like loud dance tunes and a lot of people.


For a more authentic Dominican beat and for early afternoon starts after 5.00 PM, you must visit the lastest boutique VIP lounge bar in Santo Domingo. This club has been totally renovated a few months ago and the decor is stunning on par with trendy spots in Miami or Rio. The music is Latin and drinks unexpensive. There are no foreign guys here as most patrons are local high ranking political figures and successful business people. However, the best part is the bombshells Dominican girls that will be waiting on you, who are friendly and available to have a drink with. This is the kind of place that no tourist guide in the world will mention and why our expert Santo Domingo nightlife guides are your best choice to discover and experience the real Santo Domingo nightlife in a SAFE and FUN way.


The other top place in this part of town to enjoy nightlife in Santo Domingo is a Trendy Fashion Dance Club, located in a hotel. You will find great mixed music, hip - hop, house, Latin and reggeaton with lots of beautiful young people. Gets going at 2.00 AM until early in the morning. Visit this place if you like to party late at night!

 Santo Domingo Nightlife

 Santo Domingo Nightlife Dance Club

Even better, you will SAVE while experiencing nightlife in Santo Domingo as a night of full partying in the city will plenty of action will cost about the price of a dinner/club date with no action in any big international cosmopolitan city. When cruising the city, you will pay NO COVER and will get VIP SERVICE everywhere you go with us.  In town for a Dominican Republic Bachelor Party? we will setup an unforgettable night of FUN & ACTION with your buddies.


If you want to meet friendly and attractive people, our Santo Domingo Nightlife Tour is a must is the best way to have FUN and mix with locals. This is the only tour like this in the entire country and a blast, don't miss it. 


My name is John, your host here in Santo Domingo. I have been lucky to party all my life all over Latin America and in the largest US cities where I used to live. I know what partying means for foreign guys like us and I will show you where the fun, action, and best Santo Domingo Nightlife is. I am not a writer sitting at a desk who knows where or the typical tourist guide that will have old and irrelevant info. I am a regular Party guy like you, in the middle in the action most nights, with my drivers and boys just like you. I know where the Party & the best nightlife is in Santo Domingo!  

That said, since there are so many options for nightlife in Santo Domingo, you can really miss on all the FUN and the ACTION of the best and hottest nightlife in Santo Domingo if you do not know where to go, rent a car or ride in a taxi with a driver that does not speak your language and has no clues about your tastes and what you really like. That is why, if you are visiting for the time, it is highly recommended, at least for your first night in town, to use one of our professional Santo Domingo Nightlife guide to be safe and enjoy yourself with your bodies while taking our Santo Domingo Nightlife tour.


Read on to find the best Santo Domingo Nightlife & the 3 main ingredients for a memorable Party; DRINKS, MUSIC & BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

Santo Domingo Nightlife: Zona Colonial, Malecon, Adult Entertainment Clubs


The Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo is the main tourist district and there are many bars and clubs with many opening and closing all the time. This a good place to do people watching and have a drink early in the night to warm up, have a beer at a typical "colmado" minimart or to have a memorable dinner at Pat'e Palo, the N.1 rated restaurant in Tripadvisor (always full but we can get you reservations). Nightlife in this part of Santo Domingo starts early and can go on late, but you will have to know where to go as the trendy and in places change constantly.  


My favorite is a bar/restaurant located in busy and small Pedestrian street. It has a big terrace, good music and lots of nice looking people and classy girls. Clubs are small and the crowds can be similar to downtown so this is not the best place to meet locals. 


This is part of town where you will find the hottest clubs in Santo Domingo and in the Dominican Republic. These clubs are filled with people eager to find a foreign boyfriend/girlfriend like you. Drinks are very fairly priced and the everyone very friendly. 


The best casinos, small versus Las Vegas, are in some of the big hotels on the "Malecon". Try your luck at the new Crown Plaza hotel! 

 Santo Domingo Night Life on Malecon

 Beautiful People in Santo Domingo Zona Colonial

Nightclub Avenida Venezuela Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Nightlife: Avenida Venezuela Santo Domingo’s Real Party Strip!


This part of town across the Ozama River some 5 minutes east of Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial is where the real party is and where an authentic Dominican nightlife vibe can be found. Here you will found plenty of beautiful, friendly young people and something happening every night if you know where to go.


Forget the nouveau chic vibe found in downtown Santo Domingo, “Aquel Lado,” the other side as it is referred to by downtown's residents, has a completely different feel. Gone are the snobby people and the high-priced sushi joints. Forget about Moet and Martinis.  Here rum and loud music are flowing every night. Avenida Venezuela in Santo Domingo is where the non-stop party is at.


The trendy spot right now is a new night club full of very hot chicks. To impress here on calle Venezuela or Venezuela street, get ready to do bottle service the Dominican way with a bottle of Black Label JW or Grey Goose Vodka. Enjoy the FUN and the scenery.


To taste Santo Domingo Nightlife, there are plenty of other spots on avenida Venezuela in Santo Domingo, walking distance from each other, to go in and out for a quick drink. Note that there are no tourists here and almost no foreigners. However, with our drivers and connections, it is very safe, FUN, and you will get VIP service with NO COVERS!

Santo Domingo Nightlife